SSS Participants

Bemidji Area Cross Country Ski Club

Sunday Ski School occurs in January  of every year.  In 2019 it is scheduled for Sunday, January 6, 13 and 20.  We conclude Ski School with the Barnelopet, a children's race, which is on January 27, 2019.  The Barnelopet is sponsored by the Sons of Norway, Bemidji, and is a great way to wrap up the Ski School. 

We offer ski school for all ages and abilities.  To determine which level of course is right for you and your family members we have this summary of classes. 

Equipment is available as part of Ski School.  We have been acquiring new skis, poles and boots in recent years and have been able to meet most of the demands for ski equipment.  However, if you have equipment we appreciate you bringing it.    ​NEW THIS YEAR:  We have recently purchased additional adult equipment, so don't let an equipment issue keep you from checking out ski school. 
Costs and Registration.  Sunday Ski School costs only $15.00 per person.  We also require participants to join the ski club.  Membership costs only $15.00 per person, or $30 for a family, with a total family cost for Ski School and membership of no more than $75.00.  The Ski School and membership form is right here

It takes place at Bemidji Middle School, 1910 MIddle School Avenue NW,  Bemidji and starts at 1:30.